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Pole Barns have several uses including Equipment Sheds, Barns, Homes, Hay Sheds, Mercantile, Airplane Hangers, Storage Buildings, Hurricane Resistant Buildings, Enclosed Riding Arenas, Garages and Stables to name a few.  Whatever the use, we build every building as if it were our own.

What makes our Pole Frame buildings different?  Look at the way their constructed and see for yourself.


  • Residential and commercial garage doors and remote door openers
  • Walk-thru doors
  • Full insulation (wall and ceiling)
  • Cupola
  • Wainscoting
  • Porches and lean-to sheds
  • Wiring and plumbing packages available
  • Do-it-your self materials kits
  • Multiple stages of completion - from minimum (posts and roof) to a turn-key job
  • Depending on your location, concrete is available.

Poles and Bottom Plate

  • Poles are 6x6 on any height.
  • We use #2 Southern Yellow Pine lumber.
  • Posts have a .60 CCA treatment and have a 50 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
  • Bottom Plate is a treated 2x6 with protection against the ground which can also be used as your concrete form.

Wall Girts

  • We use 2x4 #3 Southern Yellow Pine lumber, in some instances 2x6 lumber is used


Top Plate

  • Double 2x8 (minimum), 2x10's, or 2x12's may be used based on the width of the building.
  • We use #2 Southern Yellow Pine lumber.


  • Trusses are constructed of 2 x 6 (top plate) and 2 x 8 (bottom plate) with 2 x 4 webbing.
  • Spans up to 80' without center support (clear span).
  • All trusses are pre-engineered stamped with ceiling load ratings.  Drawings are available upon request.
  • We use #3 Southern Yellow Pine lumber.
  • Minimum of Engineered Trusses will typically include #2 SYP lumber for the
    top and bottom chord.
  • Standard rafter spacing is 5 feet on center
    (6', 4' or 2' centers are used on some buildings.)
  • Standard Roof pitch is 4/12 (5/12, 6/12 also available)

Roof Purlins

  • Roof Purlins are 2 x 4 Spaced 2' apart for Metal Attachment
  • We use #3 Southern Yellow Pine lumber.

Is Post Frame Construction Strong?

  • The International Building Code recognizes and approves post-frame construction in accordance with American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers' engineering practice standards EP 486 and EP 484.2 in Section 2306.1 (Allowable Stress Design) since adoption of the 2003 IBC.  The IBC recognizes and approves post-frame construction in accordance with the referenced standards.  Any questions about post-frame construction acceptance, give us a call.


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